Park training

Park Training at Fuji Speed Way P2


Learn to drive faster and understand tire grip by repetitive training in an wide, safe environment with the instructions from professional racing driver by using radio.

◆Ride along with Max’s Supra to learn line taking.

◆Get appropriate advice to be better from professional racing drivers.

◆Get unique advice from professional racing driver.

Event Summary


◆Fuji Speed Way Park Training

◆Coach: Max Orido, Ryo Ogawa, and others

◆Location: Fuji Speedway Parking 2
◆Bring heltmet, gloves, suit (if non wear long sleeves, long trousers) and lunch.
◆9AM to 5PM. Total of 7hrs of practice excluding lunch 1hr lunch time.

※Comes with free 30min trial of Max Orido Racing SIM at 130R Yokohama. (Reservation needed)
◆15〜20 Max participants per session
◆Participation conditions · On-site assembly, local dissolution

(In case of minors, parental consent form is required.) ·  Anyone with passion in driving techniques and skills.
◆ Initial charge 34,000 yen (tax included)
◆ After second time on, 28,000 yen (tax included)
◆ Please contact us for details! 􄞉􂌧􁆅􃞟􀾜􄚸􂌧􁆅􃂎􁩓


2017 Schedule

April 14th(Fri)

May 24th(Wed)

July 31st(Mon)

August 9th(Wed)

October 27th(Fri)


※Updated on April 2nd, 2017


The THEME of this training is,




Thats right!

The Objective is to study and feel the load of the tire.

Anyone who struggle to aim faster lap time or even just to enjoy and get the feeling of how to drive safely before track days, come join us!

Feel the difference between real driving and simulator!

Feeling and understanding TIRE is a must in order to be faster in the track. It is impossible to be faster than the tire’s potential. Thats is why keen sensing of tire is essential factor.

It is not easy to feel the tires even after number of laps in the track. So we return to the basics in an safe course layout and understand how the tire works through facing the tires carefully. Ultimately, we aim for you to understand the sense of giving precise orders and getting exact output from the tires.


By repeating the same point repeatedly, there should be new discovery every lap. We are accustomed to this training and we will teach responsibly. In the lecture, we will use a radio to lecture on corner, including advanced lecture.
The basic trading aims at the special pylon course will brush up your basic skills such as  acceleration, breaking, and the steer timing, and when to accelerate in the corner.
The course’s layout is safe even if you spin off.
Drifting is prohibited due to Fuji Speed Way’s terms.
· Advanced course (daily driving theme, analyzing skills)
· Basic technical practice (with your car)
· Lecturer observes your driving and give advice through radio.
· Ride along experience lecture · Adcanced driving practice



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